The Temple of Sound (picture 1998 on the beach at Oerol festival Holland)

    An interactive musical instrument that produces sounds from feedback within itself. It is in the form of seven metal transducers set in a circle 10 - 20M diameter. The performance starts with the temple silent & inert. The activity of each sheet is tuned for up to an hour, this creates an ever-changing chorus where each element is 'talking' to its neighbor. The piece reacts to presence, movement & touch.

    Powered by alternative energy.

The Temple installed in a Medieval Barn, Suffolk - May 03. New transducer design & electronics, click images at bottom of page to compare.

Resonator 1Resonator 2Resonator 3Resonator 4Resonator 5Resonator 6
Sound Sample, Tershelling Holland

View from the rafters

Sound Sample, May 03, Suffolk